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About Us


By competent sympathetic teaching with a Seventh-Day Adventist Philosophy, we serve to restore the image of God in a contemporary environment

The Mission Statement of Presda Primary School is to provide a Christ-orientated Education and to lead learners to knowledge, dexterity and service.

The school’s philosophy is the harmonious development of the whole person, the Spiritual, Mental and Physical aspects of the learner.

Presda Primary School is an independent school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church since 1933, under the guidance of the Northern Conference which is part of the Southern Africa Union Conference under the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division. Presda Primary School is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education EMIS – 700230953 as and has a Provisional Accreditation from Umalusi, Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training – accreditation number – 17 SCH 01 00424 PA.  Presda Primary School is an English medium school, offering classes to children who desire to attend regardless of colour, race, religion or gender from grade RR through to grade 7. Presda Primary School is also registered with the Department of Social Development as a non-profit organisation.

Situated in a beautiful and natural environment, Presda Primary School overlooks two beautiful hills with indigenous forests across the small stream. It is from these hills, where the cool unpolluted air flows from. This provides learners and staff with a very quiet and tranquil environment for learning and understanding of the wisdom as well as the greatness of God the creator through nature; far from the hustle and bustle of urban environment.

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Personal involvement is very important.  Christ saw the creative potential in every person.  He was not discouraged by negative outward or unfavorable appearance.

PRESDA PRIMARY SCHOOL attaches great value to each individual and strives to:

  • Create a climate where a positive self-image, independence and self-confidence is developed by treating the children with respect and in a positive manner.
  • As far as possible, maintain a high academic standard.
  • Identify potential leadership qualities and the development thereof.
  • Encourage learners to make society a better place, and to be involved in the community and develop a positive attitude towards their fellow-man, and guide them to be responsible citizens.
  • Take note of the cultural, scientific and technical development of our time in a differentiated manner.
  • Encourage good manners and courtesy to others, and to improve cultural relationships.
  • Encourage honesty, reliability and loyalty.
  • To maintain a trust relationship, perspective relationship and a healthy authoritative relationship between learners, parents and educators.
  • Offer invitational teaching.
  • Consider all involved in decision-making processes, and in the implementing of rules awaken a positive attitude towards profitable work and productivity.
  • Develop and understand the principles of a healthy body and mind.  To strive to develop everything that promotes a healthy body, that promotes a healthy mind and promotes a balanced character.  Without these principles learners will not be able to fulfil their obligations to themselves, their school, their fellow-man, their country and their Creator.
  • Expose learners to good literature, art, music, and to teach learners to appreciate:

“Those things that are good and that deserve praise:
things that are true, noble,
right, pure, lovely, and honorable . . . “

- (Phil. 4:8) Good News Bible

Historical Overview

The first Seventh-Day Adventist Church School was established in 1872.  It was inspired by the philosophy of the church, its world vision and its view of the church’s mission.  Presda was instituted in Pretoria in 1933 with the total of 12 learners.  Over the years we have developed our own character which has made us unique. The educational community would like to preserve and extend this special characteristic.
Presda Primary School was established in 1933 in Sunnyside, Pretoria at a Seventh Day Adventist Church by Pastor JB Cooks with only 12 learners. Due to its academic excellence and with the integration of faith with learning, many Adventists applied for admission of their children at the school.. Due to the increasing demand for Presda Primary School admission requests, which could no longer  be accommodated in  Sunnyside . there arose the need to relocate the beautiful and natural looking school campus   to Plot 91, Saints Street, Zwavelpoort in Pretoria East.
The main Principles we look to maintain are:

Christian element:
Learners are encouraged to uphold Christian standards in both academic and educational levels inside and outside the school.  We strive to maintain a healthy balance in all facets of teaching and lifestyle.

Language of Learning and teaching:
Education is presented in English.

Seventh-Day Adventist Philosophy:
We strive to incorporate a Seventh-Day Adventist philosophy in our work, as the staff and most of the learners are Seventh-Day Adventists.

Language and Respect of Discipline:
Basic good order and a healthy authority and disciplinary structures are essential for a successful educational environment.  School rules are laid down and applied according to this principle.  Parents and learners are expected to respect the authority, rules and regulations of the school.

 012 996 1629

Saints St, Zwavelpoort, Pretoria
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