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School Activities

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Please ensure that your child has food. It would be wise to pack healthy and no sweets are allowed.
A yearly calendar of events will be sent to you during the first week of the School Year.  Please keep it handy so as to refer to it from time to time.

We have a tuckshop at the school which sells toasted sandwiches and hotdogs, burgers etc., as well as fruit juice.  You may choose to give your child money in order to buy food at school.  On Fridays the various grades take turns in having a class cake sale, chips and spirals in order to raise funds for their classes.
CURRICULUM: THE CAPS CURRICULUM is presented at Presda, according to the curriculum as set by the Gauteng Department of Education.  Learners are monitored carefully, so ensuring that they receive the necessary support in displaying a good demonstration of the various outcomes which are presented.
At Foundation Phase level, emphasis is especially placed on fine and gross muscle development.  Junior learners participate in athletics as well as Action Ball, which is presented by an external individual. The senior learners participate in the following types of sports: athletics, soccer, cricket, softball, cross country, netball, swimming, badminton and table tennis.  Learners are encouraged to participate in sport in a healthy Christian manner, and simultaneously to display good sportmanship. All these sport activities take place during school hours in the sports period, so that as many learners as possible, receive the opportunity of participating.                         
In order to culturally stimulate our children, the following activities are presented at Presda: general knowledge, choir, solo singing and art (e.g. glass painting, paper folding, pottery, etc.)  Specialized art classes can be taken at additional fees.  All these activities also take place during school time. Presda’s School Concert is an annual highlight on the school calendar.  All learners take part in the school concert. Presda’s school choir pays a visit to a number of the Seventh - Day Adventist congregations in Pretoria on an annual basis, presenting a top-quality programme of choir singing and recitations.  This is a highlight for our choir. Theatre groups and puppet shows are also invited to perform at Presda from time to time.  The Gr. 7 class also presents a puppet show of high quality, once a year at Presda.
Learners can become computer-literate at a very nominal fee.  The junior learners are taught basic typing, reading, spelling, writing and mathematical programmes as well as educational games.  The senior learners do more advanced typing, research, using Encarta, and interesting programmes such as Coral Draw.
Presda has a stocked up library which learners may visit and take out books, or do research for projects and assignments.  The library also has a TV and video machine which is used to show educational videos.

Learners are taken on educational outings at least once per quarter.  Historical places or other places of interest which are in the curriculum, are discussed.  Parents are notified well before the time of any outings which may be planned, and they need to ensure that learners are dressed neatly, and are wearing shoes and socks for the outing.
As part of their curriculum, the senior learners get the opportunity to test their entrepreneurial skills.  Learners are taught how to do planning, presentation and instructed on the business principles necessary in order to make it an educational experience.

Senior learners (Gr. 4 - 7) are offered the choice to participate in the country-wide Olympiad Academica.  Learners write this “unprepared” test in September on the work they have done during the year.  Our learners have achieved well in the past, and we are very proud of them.
Gr. 7 learners do aptitude tests during October in order to teach them how to make more meaningful subject choices in High School.
Presda has a number of Open Days near the end of the year, when all the new children are introduced to the school and evaluated for admission for the year to come, however parents are free to call the school at any time in the year.

Presda has an active class representative association which is in charge of the fundraising.  There are usually two large fundraising functions during the year.  Presda strives to have 100% parent involvement with the attendance and support of these functions.  Funds raised in this manner are used to develop the school.

A circular letter is sent out every second week.  Parents are asked to read this letter thoroughly and to return the tear-off return slip to school.  The school also communicates via Sms and WhatsApp. Communication between the school and the parent/s is crucial, and your co-operation is much appreciated.

The school has a minister who serves as school chaplain.  The chaplain is available on appointment, should a learner or any parent have a problem they wish to discuss with him/her in confidentiality

 012 996 1629

Saints St, Zwavelpoort, Pretoria
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