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  012 996 1629
  Saints St, Zwavelpoort, Pretoria
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  • Learners will be assessed before admission to determine if the school meets the child’s needs and to find the appropriate level for the child.
  • The school is open to all races and functions within Gauteng Education Department policy.
  • Religion plays an important role at our school.  We educate our children in such a way that Christian norms and standards are maintained.
  • Application forms must please be fully and neatly completed.  No information may be withheld.  Please ensure that the following is attached to the completed application form:

  1. A photograph of the learner applying.
  2. A copy of the learner’s birth certificate.
  3. A copy of the learner’s latest report and transfer card/certificate from previous school.
  4. Parent’s identity documents or Passports
  5. A copy of your latest telephone or municipal account.
  6. Three months’ bank statement and latest payslip
  7. A copy of two school accounts from the previous school.
  8. Signed Tuition Agreement.
  9. Foreign learners - a copy of parents’ work permits, passports or relevant ID documentation and proof of employment in the Republic of South Africa.
  10. Clinic Card (for immunization)
  11. Completed Indemnity Form
  12. A copy of the signed Financial Agreement.

 012 996 1629

Saints St, Zwavelpoort, Pretoria
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